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metasonic® suite from Allgeier

Business-oriented process management with the metasonic® Suite

Industry 4.0 and ever greater customer expectations are putting companies under pressure to become much more efficient in every line of business. In Germany, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular face the challenge of critically reviewing their own business processes to identify potential for optimization. In this context, thorough business process management (BPM) is growing in importance as a platform that paves the way to digitization. As such it is emerging as a key success factor.

A BPM system such as the metasonic® Suite optimizes business processes and makes them flexible and transparent. That makes your company more effective, but also gives you a sustainable competitive edge.

The business perspective

Metasonic makes it simple for people in the specialist departments to create their own business solutions. It is child's play to define and implement workflows. And it is just as easy to make changes and add new features, again and again. All that can be done in record time during live operation. Armed with such powerful capabilities, your staff will be highly motivated to continue improving these solutions. You will never miss another business opportunity!

The IT perspective

Metasonic gives your specialist departments IT support at the speed and with the flexibility they need. It lets you support agile approaches, but without the chaos. Metasonic stakes out an infrastructure for the full integration of customized solutions, but without sacrificing the benefits of standard software. Our approach also saves you valuable IT resources.

The management perspective

Metasonic helps you get new ideas to market incredibly quickly. You can change, adapt and measure your solutions, then change them again – as often as you want – during live operation. That significantly shortens your time to market. At the same time, you can draw on the quantified experience you have gained in practice to continually adapt and adjust your business models. That effectively closes the gap between the speed at which the market changes and the pace at which your organization changes in response.

Benefits of the metasonic® Suite

Put the potential of modern business management to good use – and to your benefit. As a 360-degree IT solution, the metasonic® suite improves the way you organize everyday work processes. Every single employee is actively involved in quickly and efficiently defining all your workflows, in changing, analyzing and optimizing them, and in adapting your processes to changing conditions.

Our key capabilities: 

  • IT-based business process analysis
  • Process digitization
  • Intelligent, agile control of business transactions and processes

Your BPM team:

Do you want to analyze and improve your business processes? We would be happy to help you! Let's sit down and talk about what our BPM solutions can do for you. Call or mail us to arrange an appointment.

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