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Security as a business-relevant factor

The topic of IT security is playing an increasingly important role for private and public companies. Theft and manipulation of data are real dangers with far-reaching consequences for companies and their customers. It is for good reason that information security and data protection are increasingly subject to strict regulatory requirements. Proof of implementation and documentation for audits are not only legally binding - they are a prerequisite for participation in tenders or further cooperation. Allgeier IT Solutions supports you in setting up high-performance, fully comprehensive IT security and in meeting all contractual and legal requirements.

Products & Solutions


Our coordinated, easily implemented products form an integrated concept for secure communication and data storage in accordance with information security standards. We keep an eye on all business processes. Compared to using individual solutions, this has several advantages: Companies can implement requirements more quickli, thereby reducing costs and securing a real competitive advantage in the market. We offer solutions for the protection of IT infrastructures as well as secure communication, data and business processes.

Allgeier certificate management

S / MIME certificates meet high security requirements and exist in different versions. Depending on the intended use - securing an e-mail or signing a contract - procurement, administration and handling vary in complexity. Choosing the "right type of certificate" is the first important step.

As a reseller of D-TRUST – trust center of the Bundesdruckerei - Allgeier IT provides a platform with the help of which certificates for participating in tenders and sending e-mails can be obtained for individuals.

In particular, certificates for electronic tendering and awarding procedures can be acquired via our online ordering platform.

If you have any questions about our products, you can contact our chargeable hotline: 09001 25543437 (* 09001 ALLGEIER, € 1.50 per minute from the German landline network, higher prices from the mobile network, max. € 5.00)