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Security & compliance solutions

Comprehensive security & compliance solutions from a single source – all made in Germany

As IT systems become more open and give users greater flexibility, the strategic importance of security is growing. Both communication and stored data need to be protected. The advance of global connectivity demands fast access to data – at any time, in any place, whatever device it is stored on. It follows that no organization can afford to overlook security loopholes. In worst-case scenarios, the consequences could threaten their very existence. The consequences of data abuse or manipulation can be serious enough, but the loss of trust among customers and investors can be even more devastating. In the whole area of IT security, companies therefore need to prepare themselves for the future – not least because strict privacy and data protection provisions require them to do so.

Our portfolio to master your challenges

Protection for and control of data transmission paths

  • Use of firewalls and content scanning
  • Encryption and digital signatures to protect corporate communication
  • Secure e‑mail communication
  • Legal compliance for electronic communication
  • Full transparency regarding encrypted data streams

Secure data storage in data centers and the cloud

  • Guaranteed data integrity
  • Absolute confidentiality: operators/providers cannot read your data
  • Assignment of authorizations for document exchange
  • Secure storage of data even in the case of third-party providers
  • Legal compliance in cloud scenarios

Secure collaboration and communication

  • Secure communication across all channels (e.g. e‑mail, chats, the web) as the foundation for collaboration
  • Simple mechanisms to initiate document exchange
  • Encryption to protect the storage and exchange of documents
  • Secure, high-performance exchange of even very large files
  • Device and platform-independence

Authentication and authorization

  • Operation of a platform to manage and source certificates and time stamps
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) management as a customer project
  • Links to certified trust centers for certificates and time stamps
  • Participation in secure processes such as electronic calls for tender
  • Secure, legally compliant archiving with the aid of digital signatures, encryption and time stamps

Allgeier certificate management

S/MIME certificates comply with strict security requirements and exist in a variety of forms. Depending on the intended use – to protect an e‑mail or sign a contract, for example – the complexity of sourcing, managing and handling certificates varies considerably. The first important step is to choose the "right" kind of certificate.

D‑TRUST is the trust center operated by Germany's Federal Printing Office. In its capacity as a D‑TRUST reseller, Allgeier IT provides a platform that makes it easy to source certificates for participation in calls for tender and e‑mail communication between individual persons.

In particular, certificates for electronic calls for tender and contract award processes can be sourced via our online ordering platform.

Allgeier security

Technical issues are naturally vital, but due consideration must also be given to legal and business interests. In all these areas, our products protect your corporate communication. Our consultants help you square the circle of guaranteeing the strictest security while maximizing ease of use and keeping costs to a minimum.

Your security team

See for yourself how powerful and effective our security & compliance solutions are and how they can best be deployed in your organization.

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