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emily sp

Secure data storage on SharePoint servers

Do you want to decide who gets to read and edit your documents? Do you want to make sure collaboration on sensitive documents remains strictly confidential?

As the case of Edward Snowden clearly shows, only using the features of SharePoint itself cannot guarantee that documents stored on SharePoint servers are genuinely secure. To prevent leaks and loopholes, data stored on SharePoint must be encrypted using mechanisms that have nothing to do with either SharePoint or the administration of SharePoint itself. The reverse proxy that we call emily sp does this in a very simple way. SharePoint don't have to actually do anything: They can carry on working as normal.

Secure document storage on SharePoint servers

emily sp is a reverse proxy that is operated by a SharePoint server. emily sp forwards requests received from client programs to the relevant SharePoint servers. Depending on the configuration stored on emily sp, the data stream is encrypted or decrypted. This is done using separate key material, which means that – when the encryption function is activated – SharePoint administrators can never read the data that is stored on the given server.

Robust solution tried and tested in industry

Many healthcare companies, banks, insurers and energy companies already used emily sp. The settings in the reverse proxy determine which (storage) site is to be encrypted. Keys with a definable length that are randomly selected by the system are used for encryption and decryption operations. These keys are completely secure. Authentication via emily sp determines which users have access to them.

The SharePoint authorization concept remains intact. Where users do not have access to the relevant keys for an encrypted site, they can see that the encrypted document is there, but they cannot decrypt it. Nor can the SharePoint administrator see the content of the document, as keys are not stored physically on the SharePoint server.

Benefits of emily sp:

  • Users can be authenticated either by a dedicated user administration instance or by procedures already established within your company.
  • A set of rules in emily sp define how encryption is handled on SharePoint for individual sites.
  • The system randomly selects keys of a configurable length, guaranteeing the confidentiality of stored data and protecting its content even from your own administrators.
  • Encryption can be implemented with no modifications to your own IT infrastructure. All you have to do is configure emily sp and launch it.

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