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julia mailoffice

The highest standard of e-mail security

In the field of security, our julia mailoffice product is the market leader for e‑mail security. julia mailoffice is used by a large of number of German federal authorities and big-name private enterprises. It serves as federal government's virtual mail room. We supply you with electronic encryption/decryption and digital signatures/signature scanning for e‑mails.

Sending messages by e‑mail is the default communication path in today's business world. The problem is that every e‑mail you write goes outside your organization via the connection lines in clearly legible text. That is why many observers compare e‑mails with postcards: Anyone who inadvertently (or intentionally) comes across either kind of message can read it.

By creating a virtual mail room, julia mailoffice – a server-based solution for e‑mail encryption/decryption and for central signatures/signature scanning – provides secure all-round protection. Based on a defined set of rules, data is encrypted systematically and supplied to the recipient without the sender having to bother about such matters. This kind of solutions is urgently needed for companies that e‑mail confidential information to customers who themselves have no encryption technologies.

The aim is therefore not just to take security precautions, but to optimize them. The julia mailoffice is based on the philosophy that security functions are not a technical end in themselves. Instead, they simply serve the need to implement secure processes.

Features of julia mailoffice:

  • A scalable solution for small, medium-sized and large companies
  • Extremely stable operation and performance
  • Defined rules can be adapted in line with your compliance requirements
  • New web mailer ensures secure communication even with recipients who do not have their own encryption
  • Automated links to any trust centers to source certificates efficiently

Expansion options and integration

Open interfaces let you intervene in the way julia mailoffice processes mail in order to accommodate special requirements without the need for the vendor to modify the implementation or for extensive, expensive projects. Using the script interface supplied, the individual processing of e‑mails in julia mailoffice could not be easier. The content of e‑mails can thus automatically be incorporated securely in workflow systems, collaboration tools and document processing systems in all kinds of different ways. Integration in e‑mail archiving systems is naturally possible. EDI processing is operated in many places with the aid of julia mailoffice. And the processing of signed mail attachments (with full legal compliance) is another of the many value-added tasks handled by this system.

Scalable solution to suit every need

julia mailoffice is a pure-play software solution. It can be operated as an appliance – even for small firms with fewer than 10 workplaces – or across a cluster of virtual or hardware-based servers. It has for many years been successfully deployed by companies with between 10 and 30 users, between 50 and 200 users and between 1,000 and 100,000 users. Features such as client capability, cluster capability (for load balancing and high availability), linear scalability and corresponding support models facilitate the smooth operation of julia mailoffice in business-critical environments.

Even small companies that don't have their own e‑mail infrastructure can protect the business e‑mail traffic with julia mailoffice. A special access mechanism enables julia mailoffice to also integrate mailboxes that are hosted by an external e‑mail provider and are not part of its dedicated infrastructure.

Allgeier Security

Technical issues are naturally vital, but due consideration must also be given to legal and business interests. In all these areas, our products protect your corporate communication. Our consultants help you square the circle of guaranteeing the strictest security while maximizing ease of use and keeping costs to a minimum.

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See for yourself how powerful and effective our security & compliance solutions are and how they can best be deployed in your organization.

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